My system is not working - resetting

Resetting a Air Conditioning System


Sometimes Heating & Cooling systems can lock out on a fault. This may be caused by a storm or power surge, it may have been an intermittent fault that is no longer apparent. Please always note any fault codes or particular symptoms before carrying out this procedure. 


Always before booking a service call, we advise that the system is 'RESET'. To do this, you will need to locate your meter box, in most cases this is towards the front of your house and generally on the side of the building, this is where the Electricity company takes their readings for your electricity bill.

Electrical Meter Box

Electrical Meter Box



Open the meter box and you will see a number of 'Circuit Breakers' or 'Fuses'. Locate the Air Conditioning circuit breaker, commonly labelled 'A/C' or 'Air Conditioning'. In some cases where there is multiple systems installed the circuit breakers may be labelled to suit each system i.e 'A/C 1' and 'A/C 2'. Alternatively, the circuit breakers may be labelled with numbers that correspond with items detailed on a sheet within the board.


Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker


After locating the correct circuit breaker (perhaps a fuse or switch), confirm whether or not it is in the 'ON' position or 'OFF'. If off, simply turn it back on, if it trips again then you are required to place a service call and have a qualified technician attend. If it is still 'ON', then turn the circuit breaker 'OFF' for approximately 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes, turn the circuit breaker back 'ON' and wait a further 20 minutes for the system to complete its start up procedure. Then after 20 minutes you can recheck the system operation.


If the system continues to not operate, or not operate correctly, then please call our Service Department to book a qualified technician to attend and rectify the fault.

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