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General Air Conditioning Operating Instructions & Information 

  • During the summer/cooling period your indoor unit produces condensation, which drains away via the condensate line.  To prevent damage to your ceiling, your system has been fitted with a ‘Safety Condensate Tray’.  Should this drain become blocked you will notice constant dripping from the safety drain outlet – please contact our office for service. 
  • During periods of high humidity, small amounts may come from the outlet which is normal.  
  • Your system is not an instant cooling or heating system.  Please allow sufficient time for the system to heat or cool your home. 
  • Temperature settings and expectations should not be excessive.    We recommend:   Cooling -  22 to 25 degrees Heating  - 18 to 22 degrees 
  • Your system is affected by the outside temperature - when extreme conditions exist, the system will run more frequently or even continuously to maintain conditions.
  • During the heating cycle in winter, condensate may come from the condenser (outdoor unit) - this is normal. 
  • Your zones are controlled by motorised controllers. Allow sufficient time to open approximately 3 to 5 minutes.  
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